Friday, October 14, 2005

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Finding the right tool for the job: adequate protection for research tool patents in a global market? I. PATENT LAWS IN THE UNITED STATES II. PROCESS PATENTS AMENDMENT ACT--HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE III. BIOPHARMACEUTICALS: THE SCIENCE AND THE INDUSTRY A. Biotech 101-A Basic Primer on the Relevant Science B. The Focus of Biotechnology in the Post-Genomic Era C. What is a Research Tool ? D. The

Publication: Houston Journal of International Law

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PHARMACY: 'We have a proud tradition'; INTERVIEW DR GINO MARTINI, INDUSTRIAL PHARMACIST; Dr Gino Martini tells Dan Poole why researching and developing medicines is a recipe for job satisfaction.(Features) Byline: Dan Poole hen your pharmacist hands you your preWscription over the counter, have you ever wondered what goes into the medicines that you take? When you are prescribed 10 milligrams of a particular medicine say, in the form of a pill or a tablet, as a patient you could not physically handle

Publication: The Independent (London, England)


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